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The Garden Media Guild Awards 2011

The Garden Media Guild Awards celebrate the best in garden writing - including books, newspapers and magazines - photography, broadcasting - TV and radio - and new media - including gardening websites and gardening blogs. They are the garden media 'Oscars'.


New Talent Award, Environmental Award & Plants and Well Being Award


New Media Talent of the Year

New Garden Media Talent of the Year

Winner Rosie Yeomans for Gardeners’ Question Time montage on BBC Radio 4.

Judges’ comments We found Rosie's broadcasting fresh and insightful. Her interaction with questioners was a delight. As well as being good humoured, Rosie offered sound advice, put over in an engaging way that encouraged rather than intimidated. She managed to do all this without being remotely patronising.


Claire Hart for Miniature Marvels in Grow It!

Gillian Spencer for Plant Heritage blog -

Anoushka Vandyk for Magical Mystery Tour photographs in NGS Yellow Book 2011.

Hannah Jordan for Leaders plan parks trust, Local authorities may help, Promoting growth in Horticulture Week.


Environmental Award

Environmental Award

Winner Annie Gatti for Eco Watch series in The English Garden.

Judges’ comments Anni Gatti's articles were engaging, witty and well thought out. We thought that they were particularly well researched offering an informed, balanced approach to the subject, so that the reader could come away with plenty of insight on the subjects. Without preaching, they encouraged the reader onto a more enlightened path to gardening and we hope she continues to write such positive and practical articles.


Andrew Jackson for Little Things Mean a Lot in Kew Magazine.

Lia Leendertz for various articles on permaculture in The Guardian and The Garden.

Mark Diacono for various articles and features on Otter Farm in The Observer, The Telegraph and BBC Food Programme.

Naomi Slade for From Acres to Assets in The Telegraph.


Plants and Well Being Award

Plants and Well Being Award

Winner Gail Vines for Growing Your Own in Kew Magazine.

Judges’ comments The winner clearly met all of the criteria of this category, particularly the ability of gardening and plants to improve the quality of life. It brought to life a subject that could have been technically challenging to explain with inspiring writing, and it had true flair that inspires the reader.


Sue Bradley for REACH Prinknash Monastery Garden in Amateur Gardening.

Stephen Anderton for Flower Power at Chelsea in Kew Magazine.

Lucy Dichmont, Howard Shannon & Amy Racs for a selection of features that show some of the range of approaches Gardeners' Question Time has taken to promote the benefits of gardening for BBC Radio 4.

Gwyneth Hardy for Beechgrove Garden Community Garden special from Y people, Maryhill, Glasgow, for Tern TV for BBC Scotland.


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