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The Garden Media Guild Multimedia Awards 2010

The Garden Media Guild Awards celebrate the best in garden writing - including books, newspapers and magazines - photography, broadcasting - TV and radio - and new media - including gardening websites and gardening blogs. They are the garden media 'Oscars'.


New Talent, Environmental & Plants and Well Being Awards


New Garden Media Talent of the YearNew Garden Media Talent of the Year

Joint winners: Dawn Isaac for articles in The Guardian Weekend magazine; Adrian Thomas for RSPB Gardening for Wildlife, published by RSPB.

Judges' comments: The judges found all entries were worthy of being shortlisted. Comparing the cross-media portfolios of illustrators, writers and presenters was not, however, without its challenges. With a high overall standard, there were two candidates who it was not possible to separate. Adrian and Dawn are new to the world of horticultural writing but their solid background experience in wildlife and in garden design has enabled them to express themselves with confidence and command the attention of the reader. Their work is commendably polished, lightly delivered and thoroughly engaging.


Sally Aird for articles in Garden Design Journal.

Janie Caldbeck for articles in Amateur Gardening.

Ady Dayman for Home Grown on BBC East Midlands Today.

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Environmental Award; Award accepted by Steve OttEnvironmental Award

Winner: John Walker for Kicking the habit in Kitchen Garden.

Judges' comments: John Walker shoots from the hip, shattering any illusions grow-your-own gardeners might have, that they are greener than green. He seized the opportunity presented by the catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico to highlight the link to just how many oil-based products are in daily use on allotments and in gardens throughout the land. Having made our oil-dependency crystal clear with a long list of plastics, pesticides and paraphernalia, John then challenges his readers to lead the campaign to refuse, re-use, recycle and press for more of our ‘must have’ garden products to be manufactured from recycled raw materials, thereby reducing the need for more fresh oil production. The structure and the language of the feature are compelling and the timing inspired. John managed to make a major environmental issue of the day directly relevant to his gardening readership and to make it clear that individual actions can make a difference.


Carolyn Fry for Desperately seeking species and Saving a world of diversity in Kew Magazine.

Helen Hays for Journal footprints strands what is sustainability in Garden Design Journal.

Naomi Slade for Tomorrow never dies in Amateur Gardening.

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Plants and Well Being AwardPlants and Well Being Award

Winner: Grow Yourself Healthy Campaign in Gardeners' World Magazine, edited by Adam Pasco, and online and elsewhere.

Judges' comments: The campaign was ambitious in scope - to encourage readers to grow their own and maximise the health gains of home-grown food - but through 'in-mag' coverage and general media interest it was successful. Comprehensive and accessible at every level, supported by gardening celebrities and making use of the magazine, website and generating radio and other media interest, it was a perfect example of how to excite, encourage and educate.


Grow Your Own Drugs by Lucy Hooper, producer for Silver River Productions for BBC2.

The Places of Change show garden by the Eden Project at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show; David Rowe with the Eden Project Media Relations Team.

Thriving at Chelsea by Naomi Slade in Berkshire Life.

Why People Need Plants, a book that is one of a series of short courses from the Open University edited by Carlton Wood and Nicolette Habgood and published by Kew Publishing.

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