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The Garden Media Guild Awards 2017: Categories

And the winners are

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1 The Peter Seabrook Practical Book of the Year

For the practical book that covers the nuts and bolts of a particular aspect of gardening or group of plants including helpful tips, proven methods and well-explained, clear advice.
Sponsored by The Garden Press Event

2 Reference Book of the Year

For a garden or gardening book that includes factual information and is not normally read all the way through or chapter by chapter, such as monographs, encyclopaedias and directories.

3 Inspirational Book of the Year

For books that inspire the gardener to something new, whether that’s travel tales, biographies, inspirational plant journeys, diaries, stories or beautiful ‘coffee table’ tomes.
Sponsored by Westland Horticulture

4 Garden Publication of the Year

For the best national or regional magazine, newspaper or supplement, with a foundation of outstanding editorial and design and a sure understanding of the needs of its audience.
Sponsored by Bosch Home and Garden

5 The Dr David Hessayon Garden Columnist of the Year Award

For the writer of a regular column, whatever the channel, that leads opinion and captivates the reader with imagination, flair and high quality writing in a style appropriate to the audience.
Sponsored by Cobra Garden

6 News Journalist of the Year

For the writer of a news story that gets to the heart of the subject, allows the reader to quickly grasp the facts and the story’s consequences and has an impact in its market.
Sponsored by Briggs & Stratton

7 Practical Journalist of the Year

For the journalist who is able to convey horticultural techniques clearly and accurately, keep seasonal content fresh and engage readers so much they rush straight into their garden to give it a try.
Sponsored by Thompson & Morgan

8 Journalist of the Year

For a journalist who regularly produces memorable, distinct and original writing that entertains, avoids cliche, breaks new ground and is relevant to the reader.
Sponsored by Stihl

9 The Gordon Rae Photographer of the Year Award

For the photographer of images that celebrate current standards of excellence in professional garden photography and stand out from the pack for their skill and brilliance.

10 Features Photographer of the Year

For a photographer who best illustrates an editorial feature, producing a themed portfolio that captures the subject so effectively, captions are barely necessary.

11 Book Photographer of the Year

For the photographer whose work comprises 80% or more of a book’s total photographic content, bringing the story to life and standing out for their spot-on technique and original artistic views.

12 The Roy Lancaster TV Broadcast of the Year Award

For the best national or regional gardening broadcast. It may be a freestanding item or form part of another programme but it will be topical, interesting and horticulturally accurate.
Sponsored by the HTA

13 Radio Broadcast of the Year

For the best national or regional radio broadcast or podcast that keeps its listeners tuned in until the end, entertaining, informing and inspiring in equal measure.

14 Environmental Award

For the writer, photographer or broadcaster who best chronicles a project or subject that has a positive benefit on the environment, tackling it with flair, imagination and clarity.

15 The Alan Titchmarsh New Talent Award

For the person that has made brilliant first steps in the world of garden media, demonstrating talent and potential in his or her field. Their career is on a steeply upward trajectory!
Sponsored by Hayloft Plants

16 Blog of the Year

For the best blog that showcases excellent and engaging content. It’s entertaining and friendly, well-written and informative and gives its readers a real sense of the human behind it and their personality.
Sponsored by Mr Fothergill's

17 Website of the Year

For the website that demonstrates creativity and innovation, impact in its marketplace and horticulturally accurate, informative and relevant content, as well as the stats to back it up.

18 New Media of the Year

For excellence in the development of digital products including gardening apps or digi-mags that demonstrate competitive market performance and user value.
Sponsored by Honda

19 Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution throughout their lifetime to the profession, voted for by Garden Media Guild members and gifted by the GMG Committee.

The previous winners are:

1993 Peter Seabrook
1994 Fred Whitsey
1995 Graham Stuart-Thomas
1996 Rosemary Verey
1997 Christopher Lloyd
1998 Beth Chatto
1999 Penelope Hobhouse
2000 Geoff Amos
2001 Jerry Harpur
2002 Roy Lancaster
2003 Joy Larkcom
2004 Alan Titchmarsh
2005 Dr David Hessayon
2006 Geoffrey Smith
2007 Ken Muir
2008 Michael Warren
2009 Peter Beales
2010 Andrew Lawson
2011 John Brookes & Nigel Colborn
2012 Jekka McVicar
2013 Stefan Buczacki
2014 Christopher Brickell
2015 Adrian Bloom
2016 Jim McColl

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