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Garden Media Guild Membership

Full membership of the Garden Media Guild costs £80.00 per annum is open to anyone who can supply three examples of published work that demonstrate, as reviewed by the Garden Media Guild Committee, that the candidate is generating a decent body of work communicating about gardening in whatever form, meeting industry standards, for financial gain.This category is open to writers, broadcasters, bloggers, podcasters, and photographers. 

The Professional Garden Photographers' Association (PGPA) costs £25.00 per annum is a semi-autonomous group within the Guild, and photographers joining the Guild also have the option of applying to join the PGPA. Please note that acceptance by the Guild does not automatically mean you will be accepted by the PGPA.

How to Join The Garden Media Guild

Members include:

Other Membership Categories

Other categories of membership are also available:

Associate Members - Costs £120.00 per annum

Gardening and horticultural organisations and companies, public relations companies, publishers of garden material and anyone related to the gardening and horticultural industry shouldn't feel excluded, as any key person representing the company can become an Associate Member.

Probationary Members - Nomally £60 per annum but the first year is reduced to £20.00 

This is, at the discretion of the Guild's Committee, offered to new starters in the profession, who have shown meritorious work, but who remain unpublished.

Further Details on Membership including Application Forms

How to Contact a GMG Member

It's simple to contact any GMG member. Just search for them by name, location of profession using the Member Search.

Gardening and horticultural organisations and companies (including PR companies) who wish to make all members aware of their information, new products or events can do so through paid-for mailings. Contact the Guild for more details and prices.

Membership Enquiries

Membership enquiries should be made to:

The Garden Media Guild
Katepwa House
Ashfield Park Avenue
HR9 5AX.

Tel: 01989 567393