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How to Become a Member

The Garden Media Guild Membership Rates & Categories

Membership Subscription Rates 2022/2023 for membership of the Garden Media Guild are given below. Fees are renewed in April. These fees will give membership up until March 31st, 2023.

* In addition to the sums below, there is also a one-off joining fee of £10, payable with the first subscription at the time of application.

All payments to be received by the Guild in £ sterling only, with cheques made payable to 'The Garden Media Guild'.

View and download application forms for all levels of membership, including the Professional Garden Photographers' Association

Membership Categories

There are five categories of membership as listed below.

If you're unsure as to which category would suit you best, and would like some guidance, please contact us.

Full Member

£80 per annum

Full membership of The Garden Media Guild is open to anyone who can supply three examples of work that demonstrate, as reviewed by the Garden Media Guild Committee, that the candidate is generating a decent body of editorial work communicating about gardening in whatever form, meeting industry standards, for financial gain.

We welcome applications from writers, broadcasters, bloggers, podcasters, photographers and social media influencers (examples of three posts/videos are required). To qualify for membership you must demonstrate that you are being commissioned and paid to create content. Payment might be in the form of salary, publishers’ advances, author’s fees or book sales, journalists’ fees or freelance payment..

The Professional Garden Photographers' Association (PGPA) is a semi-autonomous group within the Guild, and photographers joining the Guild also have the option of applying to join the PGPA. Please note that acceptance by the Guild does not automatically mean you will be accepted by the PGPA.

Overseas Members are at the same level of subscription.

Download Application Form

Associate Member

£120 per annum

Associate membership is available to gardening and horticultural organisations and companies, public relations companies, publishers of garden material and anyone related to the gardening and horticultural industry. Any key person representing the company can become an Associate Member. Associate Members are not allowed a vote at general meetings.

Find out more about Associate membership

Download Application Form

Retired Member

£25 per annum

This category of membership is available to Full Members who have ceased working, but who wish to retain an ongoing connection with the Guild.

If you are an exisiting GMG member who has now retired, and would like to take advantage of this membership, please contact us to advise us of your change of circumstances

We will then re-classify your membership.

Probationary Member

Nomally £60 per annum but the first year is reduced to just £20.00 

The Guild is committed to helping and encouraging new entrants to our profession, whether they are writers, photographers, broadcasters, bloggers, vloggers or podcasters. Probationary membership is at the discretion of the Guild's Committee, and is offered to new starters in the profession who are serious about pursuing a professional career in garden media. Applicants will be very much at the beginning of their career and must be able to show a good standard of work. This category of membership is not intended for those who do not wish to make a career in gardening communication. Where possible, Probationary Members will be paired with a Full Member to act as their buddy, helping them in their career progression.

A Probationary Member may not remain in this category for more than a guideline period of three years. For those wishing to extend their Probationary Membership beyond this, each case will be considered on its merits and with reference to the member's buddy. 

The subscription rate for a Probationary Member is set at 75% of that of full membership.

Find out more about Probationary membership and mentors

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Honorary Member

Offered to all those who win the Guild's Lifetime Achievement Award and others at the discretion of the Guild's Committee.

PGP logoProfessional Garden Photographers' Association (PGP)

This sub-group is open to all photographers who satisfy the criteria of Guild membership, with an additional subscription of £25 per annum payable. There is a separate application form to be completed in addition to the GMG application form.

Visit the Professional Garden Photographers' Association (PGP) website

Application Forms

View and Download Application Forms for All Levels of Membership, including the PGP

Membership enquiries should be made to:

The Garden Media Guild
Katepwa House
Ashfield Park Avenue

Tel: 01989 567393