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Probationary Membership

Information for Probationary Members

Probationary Members of the Guild enjoy the same rights within the Guild as Full Members. This means probationers can attend the Guild's programme of free garden visits, attend networking events, get discounted tickets to the Summer Party and the Awards Lunch, enter their work into the Awards free of charge and receive the GMG News magazine and the e-news bulletins. Probationers are also encouraged to join the lively Probationer's WhatsApp group.

Many, although not all, Probationary Members request, and receive, a current Guild Full Member to act as their ‘buddy’ to help them navigate their first steps in the profession. Guild members acting as buddys do so as volunteers, and it may take some time for a new applicant to be paired with a suitable buddy.

What to Expect from your Buddy

Either party can choose to end the relationship, if it's not working for any reason.

We also have different ways that all members, full or probationary, share their knowledge and advice to our Facebook page and also WhatsApp groups.