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About The Garden Media Guild

The Garden Media Guild (GMG), formerly the Garden Writers' Guild, is an association that brings together professional garden writers, authors, photographers, broadcasters, editors, lecturers and allied trades.

The Garden Media Guild's aims are to raise the quality of garden writing, photography and broadcasting, and keep members up-to-date with events in the world of gardening and horticulture.

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Objectives of the Guild

  • Raise the quality of garden writing, photography and broadcasting.
  • Help members operate efficiently and profitably.
  • Improve communication between members.
  • Improve liaisons between garden writers, photographers, publishers, broadcasters and the horticultural industry.

Meeting the Guild's objectives

Meeting Guild objectives

The Garden Media Guild meets its objectives in a number of different ways.

Throughout the year, we organise various briefing days and events and communicate to members through our newsletter.

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Financing the Guild's activities

Financing the Guild

To fulfil its objectives, the Guild must maintain its financial independence.

Annual subscriptions are paid by members and further funds are raised from the sale of Yearbooks and in various other ways...

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The Garden Media Guild is a member of the Creators' Rights Alliance