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Q Who can join the Garden Media Guild?

A Membership is open to those who are involved with, and earn a living from, communicating about gardening, in whatever form, as well as those who are new to the profession and remain unpublished, plus individuals and companies in the wider gardening and horticultural sectors.
We have different types of membership, depending on who you are.
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Q What are the benefits of joining the Guild?

A As well as receiving various benefits and access to exclusive member-only discounts and offers, the Guild offers great networking opportunities, as well as support from fellow members who openly share their knowledge and expertise, including in our lively WhatsApp groups.

Q What does the Guild do?

A Our main aims, among others, are to:

  • Promote the creation of high quality garden writing, photography, broadcasting, lecturing and social media content.
  • Support to further the skills and interests of members.
  • Provide advice that will help members operate efficiently.
  • Encourage communication between members and a forum through which members can exchange views and information.
  • Help to maintain liaison between members and the wider horticultural industry.
  • Co-operate with other organisations and societies  with similar objectives, where appropriate.
  • Help build communications by the organisation of meetings, visits, an annual Awards ceremony and other appropriate events.

Q I would like to forge a career in garden media. Where should I start?

A A great place to start is as one of our probationary members, as long as you meet the entry requirements.  If you haven't yet created any ‘garden media’, perhaps look at the popular gardening press, both in print and online, to explore what avenues are open to you.

Q Is this a club?

A No, the Garden Media Guild is a body that represents the finest in the garden media industry, who make their living from supplying high quality content to a wide range of publications and other media.

Q Why do I have to pay extra to be a photographer?

A The Professional Garden Photographers’ Association(PGPA) is a semi-autonomous group within the Guild that services the interests of garden photographers, which has its own committee. The PGPA has its own costs above those of the GMG. Members of the PGPA have their own internal communication network where they help each other with anything relating to photography and issues affecting photographers.

Q Who should I contact if I have any enquiries about the Garden Media Guild?

A All enquiries – whatever the nature – should be addressed to our admin team: The Garden Media Guild, Katepwa House, Ashfield Park Avenue, Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire HR9 5AX. Tel: 01989 567393. E-mail:
They will then forward your enquiry to the relevant person.

Q Who can enter the Garden Media Guild Awards?

A The Awards are open to anyone who wishes to submit an entry for any of the categories. There is an entry fee for each application, albeit that Guild members can enter free. The winners are announced at the annual Awards Lunch held towards the end of each year.

Q Will you teach me how to write about or photograph gardens?

A No, we are unable to do this. The Guild is not a school, but a professional body supporting those in the garden media industry who are, or are close to, earning from their output.  But the Guild assists those who are already on this exciting journey. Guild members and other garden media professionals often give talks or participate in Zoom sessions, and you can pick up many helpful tips from these.

Q How much do garden writers, photographers and others in the gardening media get paid?

A Rates of pay vary considerably from media to media and within media, and usually depends on the publisher and size of publication. We are unable to help you achieve a commission or negotiate rates on your behalf.

Q Can I use a camera phone and still be a garden photographer?

A There is no doubt that camera phones are very good, but the majority of professional photographers tend to use DSLR and mirrorless cameras since these, combined with good quality lenses and an eye for what makes a great image, give the photographer a much wider scope of where and how they can use their images.

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