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Officers & Committee

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Committee Members & Patrons

The Garden Media Guild is run by a democratically elected committee, which is made up of volunteers, with a wide range of skills and specialities. Members of the committee are voted for at the Guild's Annual General Meeting.

The committee is supported in its work by our patrons (see below).

Along with the Guild's administration and membership team at Association Management & Services.

Any GMG member who is interested in joining the committee, please contact one of the officers.




Mike Palmer

Mike Palmer

Alexandra Campbell

Mike Howes

Vice President
Mike Howes FCLIP, MCIHort

Geoff Hodge

Honorary Secretary &
Web Editor

Geoff Hodge BSc (Hons), MCIHort

Honorary Treasurer
Ruth Goudy

Kimberley Hornby

E-Bulletin Editor
Sue Bradley

PGPA Chairman
Stephen Studd

Alison Levey

Anisa Gress

Sally Flatman

Karen Gimson

Carl Maniglia

Sophie van Gerwen

Lexi Gee

Chris Jesson





Alan Titchmarsh MBE, VMH, DL FCIHort

Gordon Rae VMH, FCIHort

Carol Klein VMH 

Roy Lancaster OBE, VMH, FCIHort, FLS 

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