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The Guild Media Guild encourages and rewards excellence in garden communication, assists its members with various aspects of their careers and helps with educational aspects of the gardening communications industry, as well as the wider gardening and horticultural industries.

The Garden Media Guild meets its objectives – including its educational ones – in numerous ways.


Guild Awards

These are made annually for outstanding work in various categories of horticultural communication, as well as acknowledging new talent. Both members and non-members are eligible to enter.

One benefit of membership of the Guild is that members do not have to pay to submit their entries to the Awards.

The Guild's Lifetime Achievement Award is made to individuals who have made an exceptional long-term contribution. The Guild’s Awards are widely recognised as the UK’s definitive gardening media accolades.

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Annual Awards Lunch

The Awards are presented at an annual lunch. This is a major event that is supported by the whole gardening industry and gives members the opportunity to meet not only one another, but also influential figures from throughout the industry.


Professional Garden Photographers’ Association (PGPA)

Members of the Guild who are photographers are able to join this association. The PGPA is a semi-autonomous group within the Garden Media Guild and represents more than 100 professional garden photographers from across the UK, Europe, Japan and the USA.

To find out more about the PGPA, visit its website.

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Probationary Members

The Guild offers a probationary membership scheme for those people who have never had work published/broadcast and therefore can’t join as full members. Each probationer can join the Guild for up to three years and we aim to assigned them a mentor to help them make their way into their chosen career.

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Business Insurance

The Guild has established a partnership arrangement with Whinney Insurance Brokers to provide members with a valuable discount on a wide range of business insurance products.

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Exclusive Discounts

These discounts are arranged with various companies that offer products or services.

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The Guild’s website distributes information about the Guild.


GMG News

The Guild’s quarterly digital magazine, GMG News, ensures that members are kept up-to-date with events, new books, publishing, photography and broadcasting and general gardening and horticultural news.


Digital Media

The Guild’s monthly E-Bulletin, e-mailed to members, contains the latest information, information on member's latest achievements, news and updates as they relate to the gardening industry, and that is of particular interest to the Guild's membership.

The Guild also has several bouyant and well-used WhatsApp groups for members. Members receive log-in details when they join.

The Guild is also on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These accounts are used to listen to members, share news of interest, both of the Guild and its members, and to promote the Guild's activities.


Garden Visits

The Guild organises a calendar of visits to a great range of different gardens and nurseries. These are designed for members to network with each other, learn from the garden and nursery owners and generate great news and general-interest stories.


Zoom Talks & Coffee Mornings

We also organise a series of  Zoom talks, usually at quieter times of the year, given by various important individuals and organisations in the gardening and horticultural industries.

Plus, we have Zoom Coffee Mornings whereby members are invited to "drop in" and chat with members of the Guild's committee.

Both are recorded so that those Guild members who can't attend live, can catch up with what was said. These recordings are held in the Member's Area to download.


Briefing Days

Briefing days are organised for members. These provide a platform for horticultural companies, growers, societies, manufacturers and suppliers of gardening products to address Guild members. Briefing days ensure that members are kept up-to-date with new developments, as well as creating a forum that links communicators and the industry.


Publishing Days

These are organised to keep members up-to-date with publishing, photography and broadcasting issues, business matters and new technology.

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GMG Awards

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