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The Garden Media Guild re-joins the CRA
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The Garden Media Guild re-joins the CRA

The Garden Media Guild is pleased to announce that it has re-joined the Creators’ Rights Alliance (CRA), a collective that exists to promote, protect and further the interests of creators through policy, advocacy and campaigning work.

The CRA speaks on behalf of 18 major creator-led groups, trade associations, and unions, representing around 400,000 creator members and several million individuals working as creators in the UK’s creative industries – from authors, artists, photographers and illustrators to translators, performers, musicians and journalists – on policy issues as diverse as fairer contract terms and working conditions to copyright and intellectual property.

The Guild is in great company as it joins other organisations in the alliance, including the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), The Society of Authors, equity, British Association of Picture Libraries & Agencies (BAPLA), Association of Photographers (AOP), Independent Society of Musicians, The Writers' Union and Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS).

The CRA is an active and influential forum that engages with parliament, industry figures and regulators to ensure that creators are at the heart of policy decisions and legislation that affect creative industries. It also provides information and engagement, giving our members a voice on the matters that affect them.

To find out more about the CRA, visit its website.

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