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Winners 2022

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Winners 2022

The Garden Media Guild Awards 2022:  Awards Winners

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Many congratulations to all winners

PHOTOS by Jayne Lloyd - Flower Arch by Flowers from the Farm

Lifetime Achievement Award 2022

Sponsored by British Garden Centres

Awarded to - Michael Marriott

Awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution throughout their lifetime to our profession. This award is in the gift of the GMG Committee

1993 Peter Seabrook; 1994 Fred Whitsey; 1995 Graham Stuart-Thomas; 1996 Rosemary Verey; 1997 Christopher Lloyd; 1998 Beth Chatto; 1999 Penelope Hobhouse; 2000 Geoff Amos; 2001 Jerry Harpur; 2002 Roy Lancaster; 2003 Joy Larkcom; 2004 Alan Titchmarsh; 2005 Dr David Hessayon; 2006 Geoffrey Smith; 2007 Ken Muir; 2008 Michael Warren
2009 Peter Beales; 2010 Andrew Lawson; 2011 John Brookes & Nigel Colborn; 2012 Jekka McVicar; 2013 Stefan Buczacki; 2014 Christopher Brickell; 2015 Adrian Bloom; 2016 Jim McColl; 2017 Richard Jackson; 2018 Gary Rogers; 2019 Carol Klein; 2020 Anna Pavord; 2021 Graham Rice; 2022 Michael Marriott

1 The Peter Seabrook Practical Book of the Year 

Sponsored by The Garden Press Event

 Winner - Mark Ridsdill Smith for The Vertical Veg Guide to Container Gardening





Judges' Comments 

“This author’s tone was engaging and accessible, and the pages were packed to the brim with advice to help the reader achieve their goals. It was clear that the author had vast knowledge and experience on the subject, and there was a refreshing balance between inspirational imagery and more down-to-earth photography. This authenticity made the title very accessible to the reader. The topic is very relevant to many of today’s gardeners, and the judges have yet to see a more comprehensive guide on this subject. "


2 Garden Book of the Year

Sponsored by Johnsons Lawn Seed

Winner -  Stephanie Mahon for Wild Gardens


Judges' Comments 

"We were overwhelmed with the number and quality of books in this category. There was one book that held our attention from the cover to the very last page. It was beautifully written and photographed and the extensive research was evident. We all felt that we would like to walk into the cover – it really drew us in. This publication would definitely tempt you to head out on your own journey of discovery. The acknowledgement was heartfelt and clearly demonstrated the passion the author had for the book. This book appeals to a wide audience and has something for all gardeners, whatever size their plot. The content is relevant to all ages and gardening knowledge."


3 Garden Publication or Garden Section of the Year

Sponsored by Westland Horticulture

Winner - Which? Gardening

 Judges' Comments

"The Judges loved the format and clean, uncluttered presentation of this magazine. Fresh and relevant editorial, accompanied by plenty of clear images, presents instructive articles. Overall, the content is easy to read and engaging and very relevant to today. The magazine appears to fulfil its environmental aims, without preaching to the converted."



4 The Dr David Hessayon Garden Columnist of the Year 

Sponsored by Borde Hill Garden

Winner - Andrew Oldham

Judges' Comments

"The overall standard of submissions was very high. The winner achieves an excellent balance between practical content and opinion, written in a chatty and amusing manner that is woven into a wonderfully evocative narrative. It is like chatting to a characterful friend on the allotment. They are wonderfully generous in sharing their thoughts and feelings about life, gardening, and family, both success and disappointment alike, so the reader can learn from their experiences. Their columns are a delight to read, and we look forward to the winner writing a book sometime in the future. Many congratulations."


5 Practical Journalist of the Year

Sponsored by Mr Fothergill's

Winner - Naomi Slade

 Judges' Comments 

"These articles are a great mix of enthusiastic writing, good imagery, and lots of practical information. We really liked the fact that the writer also went the extra mile too, giving us added bits of useful information that can really help gardeners develop their practical knowledge. The articles were upbeat, interesting, and made us want to put the magazine down and get outside to do some actual gardening."


6 Journalist of the Year

Sponsored by Roses UK

Winner - Ben Dark


Judges' Comments

"The entries covered a wide range of subjects, and the judges derived much pleasure from reading them. The winner produced a set of pieces that captured our attention and drew us into each page with their beautiful writing. The writer grabs their reader by the hand and leads them through city streets, gently inviting them to consider commonplace species such as the plucky buddleia and the fragrant yet steely wisteria in a new way. His writing has energy and contains detailed information in among the wonderful images he conjures through simply constructed but memorable prose. The winners work is refreshing and leads readers in a direction they’re not expecting, but by the end of a piece their lives are enriched for having read it."


7 The Beth Chatto Environmental Award

Sponsored by Beth Chatto Education Trust

Winner - Kim Stoddart


Judges' Comments

"This was an encouraging and uplifting piece that touched on many aspects of gardening and the environment. Easy to read and beautifully illustrated, it has the potential to reach a wide audience and change the way people think about their gardens, giving them the confidence to experiment with gardening in a different way and trying again if something doesn’t work out."


8 The Gordon Rae Photographer of the Year Award

Winner - Jason Ingram

Judges' Comments

"The winner’s entry stood out as a cohesive yet varied body of work, with no weak points and some very strong attractive images, and a good range of techniques on display.  Many of his pictures managed to give both a sense of the detail of the gardens whilst simultaneously allowing the viewer to appreciate the extent and spaciousness of each garden."


9 Features Photographer of the Year

Sponsored by Cobra


Winner - Richard Bloom


Judges' Comments

"Thanks to the masterful use of light, frame and colour, the author of the pictures shows the viewer breath-taking spaces. It is a great art not only to register an image but also to capture in photos what the camera sensor does not register - the smell of the air and the warmth of the sun, the mood of a cool, foggy morning, the atmosphere and the soul of the garden. All photos are compact material that perfectly illustrates the topics of the articles, but also most of them as a single image meet high standards and can be called works of photographic art."


10 Portfolio Photographer of the Year Award

Winner - Molly Hollman

Judges' Comments

"The winner submitted an outstanding set of close-up plant portraits, of well-chosen varieties of plants, showing exquisite detail and colour.  Their photographic technique, involving layers of subtly different exposures, and was very effective in their results."


11 The Roy Lancaster TV Broadcast of the Year Award

Sponsored by Miracle-Gro

Winner - Gardeners’ World Wildlife Gardening Special


Judges' Comments

"In a year when the importance of habitat maintenance has been so much in the news, the judges felt that the winning entry on how to bring wildlife to your garden offered stand-out content, clearly and beautifully presented. One judge wanted to take notes, another to make it compulsory viewing for all. All the judges learned a great deal and were motivated to follow the guidance offered. Truly an exceptional programme tackling a key issue for gardeners today."


12 Radio Broadcast or Podcast of the Year

Sponsored by The Horticultural Trades Association

Winner - Gardeners’ Corner Special

Judges' Comments

"This programme perfectly blended the historical story of the great Irish gardener and 'father' of wild gardening with an explanation of what constitutes a wild garden for the listener at home. The presenter brought together a variety of voices, managed to set Robinson in his historical context alongside gardening greats such as Gertrude Jeykll and give an account of his contemporary influence. There was good location recording at Gravetye Manor in Sussex and at Royal Botanic Garden, Kew.  The programme flowed well and, significantly, one of the judges remarked that listening to the show was about forgetting the judging and just being fascinated by the story itself."


13 The Alan Titchmarsh New Talent Award

Sponsored by Alitex

Winner - Niall McCauley

Judges' Comments

"The winner is certainly chasing Alan Titchmarsh with their communication skills.  They quickly engage the viewer with their charm and obvious knowledge.   They have both confidence and competence.   They get their message across succinctly without forgetting necessary details.   The winner is certainly one to watch.  See their fame soon leap the Irish Sea."


14 Blog or Vlog of the Year

Sponsored by Thompson & Morgan

Winner - Liz Zorab - Byther Farm

Judges' Comments

"The winner’s style is approachable and engaging, yet practical. The videos are memorable and enjoyable to watch as well as conveying useful information, structured in a way that makes it easy to understand.  The winner has a gentle presenting style, but a clear sense of personality emerges through what feels like a one-on-one chat and their message of self-sufficient and sustainable growing is both aspirational and inspirational for today’s gardeners."

15 Website of the Year

Sponsored by Honda

Winner - 

Judges' Comments 

"A unique and generous website, filling a niche for those wanting to visit gardens that no other website attempts to fill. The scale of endeavour is significant, it’s clear how much work has gone into creating it. With regularly updated content, original photography, excellent categorisation and strong searchability. It is a gem and a beautifully polished one at that!"

16 Social Media Influencer of the Year

Sponsored by STIHL

Winner - Jason Williams

Judges' Comments

"This was an exceptionally strong shortlist, and the winner is a relative newcomer. However, in a short period of time, they have engaged with and inspired a new generation of balcony gardeners like themselves.  The winner not only showcases realistic information and ideas on what you can do with a balcony garden, including its role in biodiversity and supporting wildlife, but they also connect with their audience on mental health and gardening."



17 Cover of the Year

Winner - From Seed to Bloom


Judges' Comments

"We loved the restrained colour palette and the relaxed flower grouping contrasted beautifully against the highly enviable, dark coloured front door. The staging is simple but very effective proving that less is definitely more. It made us all smile."



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