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Andrew Halstead
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Andrew Halstead

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Writer: consumer magazines; author; lecturer. Specialities: garden pests, wildlife gardening, biological control of pests. Retired RHS Principal Entomologist.

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Based in: Woking, Surrey, UK
Distance willing to travel: About 50 miles
Virtual talks available: Yes


Talks: 1. Pests of vegetables 2. Pests of fruits 3. Pests of ornamental plants 4. Glasshouse pests 5. Pest recognition and control A general talk on the more important pests of garden and glasshouse plants. 6. Pests new to Britain in recent years A look at some of the alien pests that have become established in Britain in recent years. 7. Beneficial insects in the garden Insects and other invertebrate animals that are useful as pollinators, predators or parasites, and their use as biological controls for some glasshouse and garden pests. 8. Plant galls A look at some of the insects, mites and eelworms responsible for producing abnormal growths on plants. 9. Pesticides – are they safe? Insecticides and other pesticides have gained a poor reputation in recent years as public opinion becomes increasingly “green”. This talk outlines the history of pesticides, the research undertaken by chemical companies into the toxicology and environmental effects of new pesticides, and puts into perspective the risks and benefits of use. 10. Encouraging wildlife in your garden How you can develop your garden to benefit wildlife without turning your garden into a weed-filled wilderness. 11. The private lives of ladybirds Common garden insects that are much more diverse in appearance and habits than generally realised. 12. Wasps and bumblebees A look at the social wasps and bumblebees commonly found in gardens. 13. A crash course in beekeeping A look at honeybee management and honey production 14. Honeybee anatomy A more specialist talk for beekeepers 15. Bugs that bite back A look at some of the insects and mites that either sting us or suck our blood. 16. Insects and pollination A look at the insects that help bring about pollination, why some pollinators have become less abundant and what you can do about it. 17. Sawflies – a beginner’s guide Sawflies have caterpillar-like larvae and some species are garden pests. A look at the biology and diversity of Britain’s 500+ species. 18. Heathland’s smaller creatures Insects that occur on the Thames Basin heaths. 19. The Asian hornet problem - a major threat to bees and other pollinating insects


17 Highclere Gardens
GU21 2LP
United Kingdom

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