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Fiona Walsh
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Fiona Walsh

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I’m a photographer based on the border of Devon & Somerset, I love photographing gardens and nature and I'm excited for new opportunities. I also like to write about mindful nature photography. I have a drone too, so I can provide some interesting angles. Let's work together on your project.

Additional Interests

We had the most incredible garden when I was a child. I remember my Dad taking me to each and every rose and introducing me to them. 22 there were. Landscapes and nature have been a passion from day one. As I get older, I’m dedicating more time to what really matters to me – nature. I grow as many vegetables as I can in my garden, along with plants in every space I can find. Plants are like my friends. I take care of them and they take care of me. I love exploring, playing my piano, dancing, reading.


United Kingdom

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