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Becky Searle
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Becky Searle BSc Ecology

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Becky Searle is a garden writer and speaker passionate about grow-your-own gardening, wildlife gardening and soil health. Becky trained as an ecologist and has many years gardening experience. Her ability to explain biological processes and ecological principles in a way that is easy to understand has gained her a large and loyal following. Becky has a Podcast called The Seed Pod and a strong social media presence under the name Sow Much More. Becky is a feature writer for Kitchen Garden Magazine,Homes and Gardens Magazine, Bloom, Magazine and Gardeners World Magazine. Her work was shortlisted for Environmental Journalist of the Year in 2022. She also writes for independent blogs and is trained in SEO. Becky is an excellent speaker who enjoys discussing various topics, including soil science, sustainable gardening, no-dig gardening, wildlife gardening and climate change gardening.

Additional Interests

Becky is an avid reader and enjoys reading books on gardening, sustainability, food, wildlife and more. She is a part-time birdwatcher and a full-time observer of the natural world.


Based in: Exeter, Devon, UK
Distance willing to travel: 100 miles
Virtual talks available: Yes

Fees: £150 plus travel @ 45ppm

Talks: No Dig Gardening and How it Works - a deep dive into how the soil works as an ecosystem, and how we can get the soil to work for us. Creating Wildlife Gardens - How to create a garden that is great for you and great for wildlife. Sustainable Gardening - a look at how we can use our gardens as a force for good to bolster local biodiversity and reduce our impact on the planet. Regenerative Gardening - an introduction to regenerative gardening, what it is, how it works and how we can become regenerative gardeners. Resilient Gardening - How we can future proof our gardens in a changing climate.


United Kingdom

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