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Tom Coleman
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Tom Coleman

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After a 15+ year career in Communications, Marketing & Social Media, Tom is now combining his passions in gardening with his career expertise, with his own freelance business specialising in Social Media & Communications in the horticulture industry. Tom works with brands across the sector on boosting their Social Media presence, turning followers into fans, and driving sales. In his chart topping podcast ‘Sip & Sow’, Tom leaves listeners & viewers inspired as he interviews guests who are making waves in our industry. And on his own Instagram @Imtomcoleman he combines the power of storytelling, with expertise and insider info from the world of horticulture, showing that anyone can grow stuff and be part of our gardening community.


Based in: Leicester
Distance willing to travel: unlimited as long as travel costs covered.
Virtual talks available: Yes

Fees: £200 for an hour session + any travel expenses incurred

Talks: An introduction to social media - Why social media is important to grow your business, an overview of all social media channels and their audiences and an introduction and tour of Instagram. Boosting your confidence on social media - the importance of showing up and showing your face and how to do it with my step by step plan. A deep dive into Instagram Reels - A focussed session on what makes a great reel, the different types of reel, the 'success factors' to making them fly, like trending audio and great hooks, and a demo of basic editing & posting. Reels 'Expert Level' - A deeper insight into reels and what makes them tick. All of the things to think about to make a great reel, drive engagement, growth and sales. Includes transitions, collaborations, automations and more. Marketing your business through social media - It's rare that you'll sell anything by directly posting on social media, even by sharing a link. You need to create a 'marketing funnel' via your website and emails and automation, make it as easy as possible for people, fewer clicks, lead pages, and lead magnets. Sounds scary, but I'll show you how in this interactive talk.


United Kingdom

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