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Mona Abboud
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Mona Abboud

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Mona Abboud has spent 20 Years in London creating an award winning garden, which is home to the National Collection of Corokia, as well as many other varieties of unusual New Zealand plants as part of a larger eclectic mix. They all emphasise contrasting texture, shape and foliage colour. She has written articles for the Royal Horticultural Society on the subject of Corokia, and a book entitled - ‘Corokia ,my adventure’. Her garden has featured in BBC and Channel 4 programmes and various garden magazines. She is starting a blog on her website with proposed links to various organisations including Perennial. (Profile photo credit: Marianne Majerus)

Additional Interests

Future aims: 1. I have a close connection with Perennial and I have started a blog on my website - - which is in the process of being linked to the other Perennial gardens’ blogs. Perennial will take over my garden in the (hopefully distant) future but in the mean time I have agreed to give talks for them and open my garden in their support. 2. I also give talks to various other Horticultural Societies. 3. I intend to start my own Youtube channel soon. 4. I am at present collaborating on a book to be published next year by Gardening Publisher Frances Lincoln in collaboration with Bloom magazine called ‘What Gardeners Grow’. 5. I am planning to write another book - this time on my garden and everything involved in creating it and the plants growing in it.


33 Wood Vale
N10 3DJ
United Kingdom

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