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Fiona Pecorini (Walsh)



I’m a photographer based on the border of Devon & Somerset, I love photographing gardens and nature and I'm excited for new opportunities. I also like to write about mindful nature photography.

Additional Interests

The first thing I do each morning is make a cup and tea, put my wellies on, and walk around the garden! The plants are like my friends. I take care of them and they take care of me. We had the most incredible garden when I was a child, and I remember my Dad taking me to each and every rose in the garden and introducing me to them. 22 there were, I didn’t really understand it at that age but I liked his dedication. He also grew tomatoes in the greenhouse, and to this day I get this rush of happiness when I smell vine tomatoes, takes me right back! Landscapes and nature have been a passion from day one. As I get older, I’m dedicating more time to what really matters to me – nature. I grow as many vegetables as I can in my garden, along with plants in every space I can find. Photographing them is something to me that feels quite normal, like a part of living and I would feel strange without it. When I’m not taking care of my garden, I’m out on walks in woods and on the hills, I’m playing my piano, dancing, reading, writing about nature.


  • Somerset
  • United Kingdom

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